I’ve been professionally ghosted.

You know, ghosted - like when you’ve been in communication with someone, often a person you’re dating, and suddenly they cease all contact with you. They don’t respond to calls and texts, they just… disappear.

An old coworker asked if my band would be interested in playing an event, I said yes and told them what we charge. They gave me the date and time details and I held the date.

Then I never heard from the person again. Even though I was sure to check back in. Even though we have history.

The gig would have been today. It’s fine that we didn’t get it, that’s not what upsets me. What upsets me is the lack of professionalism and the disregard shown by the talent buyer. 

It’s possible that I asked for more than the sponsors could pay and therefore lost the gig. This is one of the most frustrating things for me in booking my band. What people seem to not understand is that although we won’t play for scraps, we would rather make some money than no money, and we are open to negotiation. But I won’t lowball my ask only to lose more money in the negotiation process.

All of our communication was done through text - would it have been so hard to shoot a note saying “Hey, we can’t afford you but thanks!” or “We’re going with another band, but thanks!” or even just “We’re not using your band.”? At least I’d have known.

I got no time for ghosts.

…unless we’re talking haunted houses and shit, in which case GHOST ME, BABY

Selena Rosanbalm