Selena sings her ass off! [She] is a joy to listen to, and her songs always have at least one pay-off line.
— Shawn Colvin

Rosie and the Ramblers

High-energy, instinctively sincere, earnestly emotive — that’s the kind of live show you can expect from Rosie and the Ramblers. They're perfectly suited for honky tonks — and listening rooms, too.
Rosie and the Ramblers garnered a following as one of the original house bands at Austin’s most notorious dance venue, The White Horse. Dancers love the band’s variety of two steps, polkas, waltzes, blues, and songs that don’t fit any genre. Listening crowds are drawn to Rosanbalm’s powerful voice and to her band of prime players. The quartet is as comfortable playing in a living room as they are in a bar.

Rosanbalm’s songs are “unflinchingly honest and patently humorous” (Austin Chronicle), sincerity being a main aspect of her songwriting. She is largely incapable of bullshit. While her influences are wide-ranging and sundry, Rosanbalm’s goal is never to imitate. Instead, she writes and plays her own experience, with sincerity, acuity, and candor.



Selena Rosanbalm
Lead Vocals, Guitar

Cat Clemons III
Lead Guitar

Vance Hazen

Jeff Sanders

[Selena] possesses a big, round voice, and she uses it superbly on self-written tunes both unflinchingly honest and patently humorous.
— The Austin Chronicle